Premier Model Skin is a skincare system selected by Premier Model Management and produced by leading professional skincare brand Monu.

It is the culmination of a thirty year search by Premier's founder, Carole White, for the ultimate skincare survival kit for her models. Together with the skincare experts at Monu, White conceived her "Model Kit": 7 travel-sized essentials in a waterproof pouch, ideal for maintaining a daily skincare regime - even on the road.

Used by professional models, the Model Kit provides a capsule collection of skincare essentials specially formulated to help maintain a clear complexion and achieve "model skin".

The launch of Premier Model Skin coincides with the TV series: "The Model Agency", currently showing every Wednesday at 10pm on Channel 4.

The Model Kit consists of seven model essentials in a transparent zip-up pouch (all airport legal), making it perfect for maintaining model skin, whether at home or travelling, and is available to purchase directly from Premier Model Skin.

About Premier

Founded in 1981, Premier has been guiding the careers of some of the world's greatest fashion models for almost 30 years.

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The Tipsters

Meet some of the people from Premier - models and staff - in their own words...

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The Products

Premier Model Skin is now available for purchase online.

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