Jen Dawson

Jen is a quirky, fun-loving model who has worked for some of the biggest names in the business, such as Givenchy and Marc Jacobs...

What is your secret to staying trim and glowing?

Eat plenty of veg, drink loads of water. Walk everywhere. Especially up the escalator !

What is your Skincare/Hair care tips?
I swear by clarins multi active day cream and eye contour balm. For Hair, if you have been doing shows and your hair is greasy and full of product, wash with fairy liquid.... Mad I know, but it strips all the crap out of your hair and leaves it super shiny......Don't do it all the time though, hair needs a bit of natural oils to look
good, if your hair is damaged and dry, put a water based body moisturiser
on.... Loads of it till its drenched And leave it over night, if you have
trouble washing it out in the morning..... Fairy.  Also, most important!!!
Don't wear too much makeup, less is more bit of mascara and lipgloss.....
That's it!! No more!! You're so beautiful, don't hide behind all that gunk!!

What is your anti-ageing tip?

Don't smoke...


  • Age : "Mind your own business"
  • Home : Sheffield
  • Height : 5'11"
  • Bust : 34
  • Waist : 25
  • Hips : 37
  • Star Sign : Libra


"Your eyebrows are the coathangers of your face."